The Challenge

More flights, more passengers and more baggage is in our future.

With more flights, more destinations and more passengers, baggage identification needs to evolve. Current methods, such as barcodes, are not accurate enough and RFID is expensive and complicated to adopt. The industry demands innovation that reduces costs and increases efficiency. That’s where we come in.

We Have Solutions for

Airports, Integrators, Airlines and Ground Handlers.

Our AI is quicker, easier and makes for happier passengers. Happier passengers are loyal customers.

BagsID is a complete SaaS network with an API, widgets, dashboard and a mobile SDK. Our solution offers baggage recognition and authentication with autonomous categorization, data extraction, data collection and enrichment. It also connects to a global library, easy-to-integrate user interfaces, management dashboard and interoperable connectivity which is valuable for airports, integrators, airlines and ground handlers alike. And that’s just the beginning. 

Our Mission | No-Tag Bags

To make flying with baggage more reliable, convenient and efficient by empowering visual intelligence for those who to travel with baggage. We believe nametags, barcode labels or RFID chip equipped tags on your baggage shouldn’t be necessary.

For Airlines

Our technology helps reduce operational costs for baggage handling (and mishandling, when it happens) and increases ancillary revenue by helping to load airplanes smarter and more efficiently. That way, you can get more cargo to more destinations with less flights. Plus, with added bag charges, passengers expect seamless service for their money. Their demands have increased but, thanks to us, your costs don’t have to.

For Ground Handlers

From check-in and security at the gate and ramp, all the way through passenger claiming, baggage is a complex part of airline and airport operations. Handlers provide ground services to ensure their clients operate efficiently, depart on time and unload aircraft quickly upon arrival. We offer these important service providers network connectivity through ground-handling agent apps (iOS and Android). Our image recognition software is the new standard in creating operational excellence through more efficient loading, off-loading, lost-and-found and baggage reconciliation.

For Passengers

Our system makes it easier to check in and get on your way. Simply upload a photo of your baggage through a BagsID Network-connected app. Now it is automatically linked to your flight information for easy check in, tracking and pick up, so you can spend less time lugging your luggage and more time enjoying your trip.

Virtual Tag

Each image set collected for your baggage becomes its “virtual tag” – a digital fingerprint that matches it to you and your itinerary.

Tracking and Tracing

It’s easy to track your bag and trace where it is (even in the rare instances it doesn’t end up at your destination). Just follow it in your airline’s app.

Your Rights

The use of BagsID doesn’t change the rules and regulations designed to protect your traveler rights. If anything, we make them more secure. Learn more.

Tech + Capabilities

We believe deep learning and computer vision will be the leading technologies defining the future of baggage handling. Virtually upgrading existing infrastructure is enough to unlock this potential. That’s exactly why you should connect to our network – focused entirely on baggage, baggage services and the problems that that the industry is facing. It does the complicated computations for you, with all the mathematics happening “under the hood.”

Our team of data scientists work around the clock to optimize how airports and airlines are able to offer better baggage service for passengers, while reducing costs and increasing profitability. Sound like a sky-high concept? Not for us.

Making a World of Difference

Helping airlines cut back on CO2 emissions.

Our solution helps predict, better arrange and ultimately reduce the number of baggage containers per flight. With more space for additional cargo, and the ability to forecast fuel use more efficiently, we help you meet global demand, reduce number of flights and save money. Perhaps even make more.

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