The visual AI network for baggage

Welcome to the world's smartest image-based baggage recognition network.
How It Works

Baggage Validation That’s Picture Perfect (Literally)

Every piece of baggage is unique. We recognize and validate individual pieces of luggage from drop-off to reclaim and beyond. Better yet, our tech is compliant with the toughest industry requirements, too.

Maximize Space (and Profits, Too)

BagsID measures the dimensions of carry-on and check-in baggage. Based on our intelligent sort-and-load algorithms, we fully utilize available aircraft capacity. Operational efficiency and lower costs make a positive contribution to a carrier’s financial performance.

RFID Creates Cost, BagsID Creates Profit

BagsID is a cost-effective (and profit making) alternative for expensive RFID tracking and tracing solutions. Why invest in new hardware and one-time-use barcode tags if BagsID can do the job at a fraction of the cost? Plus, our collected image data can be used time and time again. 

We Handle Mishandling for You

We’re not just disrupting the air travel industry, we’re disrupting disruption itself. Our system minimizes the frustrating effects of mishandled baggage for airports, airlines and passengers with easier lost-and-found automation.

About BagsID

AI based baggage handling solution for airports, integrators, airlines and ground handlers.

Our proprietary AI technology combines deep learning and computer vision to build smarter baggage solutions for the travel industry. It can detect individual bags by their unique physical characteristics (including scratches, dents and other features). No need for solely relying on barcode tags, expensive RFID or other inefficient baggage handling processes currently in use.

Our technology uses rapid computer vision and artificial intelligence to recognize bags in a system that will one day help streamline the passenger journey.

Your Challenge. Our Solution.

IATA Resolution 753 and IACO Annex 17 requires end-to-end baggage tracking for airline travel safety. The challenge is providing that level of security at a manageable price. BagsID is a complete visual AI platform that combines computer vision training with deep learning. Our technology offers a more affordable, reliable and efficient solution to baggage handling.

News + Views

The Big Picture: June 2021

The Big Picture: June 2021

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Team Talk – Meet Eric-Paul Van Woerkom, CIO & COO

Team Talk – Meet Eric-Paul Van Woerkom, CIO & COO

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The Big Picture: May 2021

The Big Picture: May 2021

Our Tech is Complicated, Understanding It Doesn’t Need to Be This video simplifies our AI photo recognition technology and how we use it for baggage.Past, present and future – learn about where biometrics has been and where it is going. The history may surprise you....

7 tips for a greener baggage journey

7 tips for a greener baggage journey

With all the time spent at home lately, we’ve all been struck hard with some serious wanderlust. Our health isn’t the only thing we need to worry about when it comes to travel these days. From carbon emissions to the enormous amount of plastic waste generated on...

Will Sustainability Fly?

Will Sustainability Fly?

Sustainable air travel is not possible unless we rethink every part of travel and not just the vehicle used to transport you. In 2020 we saw a 66% decrease in flights, compared to 2019, which all means sustainable travel has now come sharply into focus. IATA has...

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