Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are BagsID virtual tags and how do they work?

A BagsID virtual tag is an image captured by our network that is used to match baggage with its corresponding passenger. These images are collected in two ways: via passenger upload via an app on their smartphone (hosted within an airline or airport’s own mobile app), or taken automatically by cameras during luggage check-in. This image set registers the bag’s dimensions, coloring, IATA classification, and individual idiosyncrasies such as stickers, scratches or other unique markers. The object’s unique characteristics is combined with trip data to accurately match it with the correct passenger along its journey.

2. How does this system minimize fraud?

There are multiple ways to look at fraud. Fraud in terms of security, identity theft, contraband, or false claims and insurance fraud related to mishandling or damages. BagsID offers visual proof of the baggage item’s condition at the start and end of its journey – protecting your company from false-claims fraud more than current baggage-handling technologies.

3. How does the system increase security per Annex 17 of the ICAO Chicago Convention?

Annex 17 of the ICAO Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, stipulates rules regarding the safety and security of air baggage related to potential interference. In layman’s terms, this means that each and every piece of luggage must be tracked and ensured with a compliant end-to-end process. BagsID offers the best in the industry, complete with photo identification and proof.

4. Do you combine your solution with RFID or will it replace RFID completely?

Either, or both! We don’t use RFID as our core technology, we use imagery. Our system is designed to run in combination with RFID for those who are already invested in it, but we aim for a tagless future where there is no need for expensive one-time-use RFID at all. If you do already use RFID, the combination is great for double accuracy and better customer satisfaction.

5. How does the system help with carry-on baggage?

Simple. The functionality for carry-on items is slightly different but in essence it comes down to known allowance checks and compliance with the policies of your airline. Passengers can upload images of their intended carry-ons and you can forecast space availability based on size and dimensions. You can use it to not only guarantee space in the luggage compartment of their flight but assist with missing baggage claims (and fraud prevention).

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