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Improve your baggage service without changing your infrastructure.

Our AI technology is incredibly accurate. It can distinguish seemingly identical pieces of baggage and automatically match them to their rightful owner. It is the next-level solution to the air travel industry’s complex challenges, providing smarter boarding, more efficient use of cargo and overhead space, enhanced security, increased fraud prevention and more. Better yet, it can not only save you money but help you make more.

How It Works

When we receive an image via our API, no matter where along the journey it is captured, the BagsID Network is triggered. Our proprietary algorithm then classifies the baggage and applies business rules to match it to a registered image-set in our library with the highest probability. BagsID sends back metadata including origin, type, color, IATA classification, manufacturer and dimensions of the baggage.

Even if the item is damaged or its shape or appearance is slightly altered along the journey, through sophisticated business rules (such as your unique travel itinerary) our system can recognize, match it and learn from it. Most importantly, it uses linked data for tracking, tracing and reconciliation with the use of existing infrastructure and without expensive RFID tags. We know that not every trip goes as smoothly as planned –flights are delayed, baggage gets forgotten, any number of variables can impact successful delivery. Use existing airport services, such as our integration with World Tracer and lost-and-found systems, BagsID helps alleviate these hassles for airports, airlines and travelers alike.

Mission + Vision

Our Mission | No-Tag Bags

To make flying with baggage more reliable, convenient and efficient by empowering visual intelligence for those who travel with baggage. We believe nametags, barcode labels or RFID chip equipped tags on your baggage shouldn’t be necessary.

Our Vision | Better Air Travel for All

We envision air travel with freedom for (and from) baggage. With more reliable, efficient and trouble-free handling and tracking, we’re creating better experiences for airports, airlines, baggage handlers and passengers.

Our Clients & “Pilot” Projects

Our support crew and team of data scientists work around the clock to optimize how airports and airlines are able to offer a better service while reducing costs and increasing profits. We work closely with large and mid-size airports, baggage handling integrators, airlines and ground handlers.

Our Founder

Marlon van der Meer

“We are only at the very beginning of redefining the future of traveling with baggage. Computer vision and AI will prove crucial for airports and airlines, providing one secure, reliable and interoperable network for baggage identification. Visual AI will enable a more efficient and more comfortable user experience, along with the ability to comply with IATA 753, and other industry regulations and resolutions, at a fraction of the cost of RFID.”

Meet the Leadership Team

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, logistical experts, data-scientists, software architects, engineers, distributed system experts, and world-class coders bringing the power of deep learning and computer vision to airports and airlines. Each member has experience building and scaling multiple technology companies, projects and major implementations.


Eric-Paul Van Woerkom

Global Communications Director

Adrienne Denaro

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Our Offices

We Service Airports Around the World. So We Have Offices Around It, Too.

News + Views

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